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Maurices is a fashion-forward brand that caters to the diverse and dynamic styles of women. With a commitment to empowering individuals through fashion, Maurices offers a wide range of trendy and affordable clothing for women of all ages and sizes. The brand's collections include versatile and chic pieces, spanning from casual wear to dressier ensembles, allowing customers to express their individuality with confidence. Maurices also emphasizes inclusivity, providing an extensive range of sizes to ensure that every woman can find clothing that complements her unique body shape. From stylish tops, bottoms, and dresses to accessories and footwear, Maurices is dedicated to delivering on-trend fashion that resonates with the modern woman's lifestyle.

Maurices size guide

In this article you will find such sizes as:
  1. Regular sizes
  2. Plus sizes
  3. Jeans
  4. Panties

Regular sizes Maurices

# 0 2 4 6 8 10
Bust 32¼ 33¼ 34¼ 35¼ 36¼ 37¼
Waist 25½ 26½ 27½ 28½ 29½ 30½
Hip 35 36 37 38 39 40

# 12 14 16 18 20*
Bust 38¾ 40¼ 41¾ 43¼ 45¼
Waist 32 33½ 35 37 39
Hip 41½ 43 44½ 46 48

How to choose Maurices jeans?

  1. Refer to the Size Tables: Visit, where detailed size tables for Maurices jeans are available. Take accurate measurements of your waist, hips, and inseam, and compare them to the size chart for precise sizing information.

  2. Consider Style and Fit: Maurices offers a variety of jean styles, including skinny, straight, bootcut, and more. Consider your body shape and personal style preferences to choose a fit that complements your silhouette and aligns with your fashion taste.

  3. Check Product Descriptions: Maurices often provides valuable information in product descriptions. Look for details on the cut, rise, and stretch of the jeans to ensure they meet your comfort and style requirements.

  4. Read Customer Reviews: Browse customer reviews on to gain insights into how specific Maurices jeans fit. Customers often share helpful feedback on sizing, comfort, and overall satisfaction with the product.

  5. Understand Maurices Sizing: Familiarize yourself with Maurices' sizing conventions, as different styles may have variations in fit. Pay attention to any size recommendations provided to make informed decisions.

  6. Visit a Maurices Store: If possible, visit a Maurices physical store to try on jeans in person. This allows you to assess the fit and comfort before making a purchase, and store associates can provide assistance.

  7. Consider Your Wardrobe Needs: Think about how the jeans will fit into your existing wardrobe. Whether you need a versatile pair for everyday wear or a stylish option for special occasions, Maurices offers a range of options to suit different lifestyles.

  8. Check Return Policy: Before finalizing your purchase, review's return policy. This ensures that if the jeans don't meet your expectations, you can exchange or return them hassle-free.

By following these tips and utilizing the size tables on, you can confidently choose Maurices jeans that not only fit perfectly but also align with your individual style preferences.

Plus sizes

# 14W 16W 18W 20W 22W
0X 1X 2X
Bust 42 43½ 45 47 49
Waist 37 38½ 40 42 44
Hip 44 45½ 47 49 51

# 24W 26W* 28W* 30W*
3X 4X
Bust 51 53 55 57
Waist 46 48½ 50½ 53
Hip 53 55 57 59

Maurices Jeans size chart

Maurices size XXS* XS S M L XL
00*0246 81012141618
Silver Jeans Co.® 2425262728 29303132/333436
Vigoss® Jeans Heritage Fit 0246 81012141618
Vigoss® Jeans Classic Fit 25262728 293031323334
Kancan 2324252627 282930313233
Edgely 00*0246 81012141618

Panties sizes Maurices

Maurices Jeans size chart

maurices jeans size 0/24/68/1012/1416/1816W18/20W22/24W26W
Waist 25-2626-2829-3132-3435-3738-4040-4242-4444-46
Hip 35-3737-3939-4141-4343-4545-4747-4949-5151-53

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