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Welcome to, your trusted destination! In this article, we delve into the intricacies of sizing with a focus on one of our prominent collections – the Zara line. We understand that finding the right size is paramount to your satisfaction and comfort, and our Zara size chart is designed to be your ultimate guide. Whether you're seeking the perfect fit for Zara tops, bottoms, or any other wardrobe essential, our comprehensive size chart provides detailed measurements and insights to ensure your selections align seamlessly with your unique preferences. Navigate through our Zara size chart to make well-informed fashion choices and elevate your style with confidence. At, we are committed to making sizing a breeze, so you can enjoy fashion that fits you perfectly.

Women’s t-shirts and sweatshirts - Zara sizes

Size Chest [in] Chest [cm] Waist [in] Waist [cm] Hips [in] Hips [cm]
XXS31½ in80 cm22¾ in58 cm33¾ in85½ cm
XS32¼ in82 cm24½ in62 cm35½ in90 cm
S34 in86½ cm26 in66 cm37 in94 cm
M35½ in90 cm27½ in70 cm38½ in98 cm
L37¾ in96 cm30 in76 cm41 in104 cm
XL40¼ in102 cm32¼ in82 cm43¼ in110 cm

How to choose the size of Zara clothes?

Choosing the right size for Zara clothes is a straightforward process that ensures a comfortable and stylish fit. To start, refer to Zara's comprehensive size chart, which provides detailed measurements for tops, bottoms, and other wardrobe essentials. Measure yourself accurately, paying attention to key areas like bust, waist, and hips. Compare your measurements to those indicated on the size chart to determine the most suitable size for each specific garment. Additionally, consider the style and cut of the item, as this can influence the fit. Keep in mind that Zara offers a diverse range of styles, so understanding your body measurements and the intended fit will help you make informed choices and enhance your overall shopping experience.

Zara Women’s trousers size chart

Size Waist [in] Waist [cm] Hips [in] Hips [cm]
XXS22¾ in58 cm33¾ in85½ cm
XS24½ in62 cm35½ in90 cm
S26 in66 cm37 in94 cm
M27½ in70 cm38½ in98 cm
L30 in76 cm41 in104 cm
XL32¼ in82 cm43¼ in110 cm

Women’s dresses sizes

Size Chest [in] Chest [cm] Waist [in] Waist [cm] Hips [in] Hips [cm]
XXS31½ in80 cm22¾ in58 cm33¾ in85½ cm
XS32¼ in82 cm24½ in62 cm35½ in90 cm
S34 in86½ cm½26 in66 cm37 in94 cm
M35½ in90 cm27½ in70 cm38½ in98 cm
L37¾ in96 cm30 in76 cm41 in104 cm
XL40¼ in102 cm32¼ in82 cm43¼ in110 cm

Womens jackets - size guide

Size Bust [in] Bust [cm] Waist [in] Waist [cm] Hips [in] Hips [cm]
XXS31½ in80 cm22¾ in58 cm33¾ in85½ cm
XS32¼ in82 cm24½ in62 cm35½ in90 cm
S34 in86½ cm26 in66 cm37 in94 cm
M35½ in90 cm27½ in70 cm38½ in98 cm
L37¾ in96 cm30 in76 cm41 in104 cm
XL40¼ in102 cm32¼ in82 cm43¼ in110 cm

Zara Mens shirt size chart

Size Chest [in] Chest [cm]
S35 - 36½ in89 - 92½ cm
M37 - 38½ in94 - 98 cm
L39 - 40½ in99 - 103 cm
XL41 - 42½ in104 - 108 cm
XXL43 - 45 in109 - 114½ cm

Mens trousers, jeans and tracksuits

Size Waist [in] Waist [cm]
S28 - 30 in71 - 76 cm
S30 - 31½ in76 - 80 cm
M31½ - 33 in80 - 84 cm
M33 - 34½ in84 - 87½ cm
L35 - 36 in89 - 91½ cm
XL37½ - 40 in95½ - 101½ cm

Zara Mens suit

Size Chest [in] Chest [cm]
3434 - 35 in86½ - 89 cm
3636 - 37 in91½ - 94 cm
3838 - 39 in96½ - 99 cm
4040 - 41 in101½ - 104 cm
4242 - 43 in106½ - 109 cm
4444 - 45 in112 - 114½ cm
4646 - 47 in117 - 119½ cm
4847 - 48 in119½ - 122 cm

What does the Zara brand offer?

Zara is a globally renowned fashion brand known for its trendy and accessible clothing and accessories. The brand offers a diverse range of stylish apparel for men, women, and children, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences. Zara is celebrated for its ability to quickly respond to changing fashion trends, providing customers with the latest looks at affordable prices. The brand's collections encompass a wide variety of clothing, including dresses, tops, trousers, outerwear, and more, all designed with a keen eye for contemporary fashion. Zara also extends its offerings to accessories, footwear, and handbags, allowing customers to complete their looks with coordinating pieces. With a commitment to combining quality, style, and affordability, Zara has become a go-to destination for fashion-forward individuals seeking on-trend wardrobe staples.

Zara Mens jackets size chart

Size Chest [in] Chest [cm]
S35 - 36½ in89 - 92½ cm
M37 - 38½ in94 - 98 cm
L39 - 40½ in99 - 103 cm
XL41 - 42½ in104 - 108 cm
XXL43 - 45 in109 - 114½ cm

How to choose the size of Zara men's shoes?

Choosing the right size for Zara men's shoes involves a few key steps to ensure a comfortable and proper fit. Here's a guide to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Measure Your Feet:Begin by measuring your feet. Use a ruler or a foot measuring device to determine the length of both feet. It's common for one foot to be slightly larger than the other, so measure both and use the larger measurement.

  2. Check Zara's Size Chart:Refer to Zara's official size chart for men's shoes. Zara typically provides a detailed chart with corresponding sizes in centimeters or inches. Match your foot length to the appropriate size on the chart.

  3. Consider Shoe Type:Different types of shoes may have slightly different fits. Consider the specific type of shoe you're interested in, whether it's sneakers, dress shoes, or boots. Some styles may have a narrow or wide fit, so take this into account.

  4. Read Product Descriptions:Zara often includes information about the fit of their shoes in the product descriptions. Check for any notes about sizing or fit recommendations that may be specific to the shoe you're interested in.

  5. Reviews and Feedback:If available, read customer reviews and feedback. Others' experiences with the same shoe style can provide insights into whether the shoes tend to run true to size or if adjustments should be made.

  6. Visit a Zara Store:If possible, visit a Zara store to try on the shoes in person. This allows you to assess the fit and comfort firsthand. Zara's store associates may also provide assistance in finding the right size.

  7. Consider Sock Thickness:Keep in mind the type of socks you plan to wear with the shoes. If you typically wear thicker socks, you might want to size up slightly for added comfort.

  8. Return and Exchange Policy:Familiarize yourself with Zara's return and exchange policy. In case the shoes don't fit as expected, having a clear understanding of the return process can provide peace of mind.

By following these steps and paying attention to specific product details, you can increase the likelihood of choosing the right size for Zara men's shoes and enjoy a comfortable and stylish fit.

Zara Mens shoes size chart

Size The length of the insert (cm)
39 25.3
40 25.8
41 26.4
42 27
43 27.6
44 28.3
45 28.9
46 29.6
47 30.3

Childrens shoes - size chart Zara

Child’s age Size The length of the insert (cm)
4 26 16.3
4 27 16.9
5 28 17.6
5 29 18.3
6 30 18.9
6 31 19.6
7 32 20.3
8 33 20.9
9 34 21.6
10 35 22.3
11 36 22.9
12 37 23.6
13-14 38 24.3
14 39 24.9
14 40 25.6
14 41 26.3

Why is the Zara brand so popular?

The popularity of the Zara brand can be attributed to several key factors that contribute to its success:

  1. Fast Fashion Model: Zara is renowned for its fast fashion model, characterized by its ability to swiftly respond to emerging trends. The brand excels in bringing the latest styles from the runway to the store shelves in a remarkably short period, allowing customers to stay on-trend.

  2. Affordability: Zara provides fashion-forward clothing at affordable prices, making trendy and stylish pieces accessible to a wide range of consumers. This affordability factor has contributed significantly to the brand's popularity among diverse demographics.

  3. Diverse and Current Collections: Zara offers a diverse range of clothing and accessories that cater to various tastes and preferences. The brand's collections are updated frequently, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest fashion trends and a constantly evolving inventory.

  4. Quality and Design: Despite its affordability, Zara maintains a reputation for offering quality products with well-thought-out designs. The brand strikes a balance between fashionable aesthetics and lasting wear, appealing to consumers who seek both style and durability.

  5. Global Presence: Zara has a strong global presence with stores in numerous countries. Its widespread availability, both in physical stores and online, has contributed to its popularity on an international scale.

  6. In-Store Experience: Zara stores are strategically designed to enhance the shopping experience. With frequently updated displays, minimalist aesthetics, and a sense of urgency created by limited stock, Zara creates an environment that encourages frequent visits and a sense of exclusivity.

  7. Marketing and Branding: Zara employs effective marketing strategies and branding initiatives that align with its image of being fashion-forward, accessible, and innovative. The brand consistently engages with its audience through various channels, including social media and fashion events.

In essence, Zara's popularity is a result of its ability to combine the latest fashion trends with affordability, quality, and a compelling shopping experience, resonating with a broad and diverse consumer base.

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Zara Size Chart - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it important to refer to the Zara size chart?

A: The Zara size chart provides precise measurements to help you find the perfect fit for Zara clothing and shoes. Sizing can vary between brands, so consulting the chart ensures accuracy.

Q: Where can I find the Zara size chart?

A: The Zara size chart is typically available on their official website. Navigate to the product page you're interested in, and you'll often find a link to the size chart.

Q: How do I measure myself for Zara clothing?

A: Use a measuring tape to determine your bust, waist, and hip measurements. Compare these measurements to the corresponding values on the Zara size chart for accurate sizing.

Q: Are Zara sizes consistent across all items?

A: Slight variations may exist between different Zara items and styles. It's advisable to check the specific size chart for each product, as fits can differ based on design and fabric.

Q: Can I trust the Zara size chart for online shopping?

A: Yes, the Zara size chart is a reliable tool for online shopping. Combine it with product reviews, descriptions, and return policies for a comprehensive understanding of each item's fit.


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