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Discover Your Cozy Fit: Unveiling the Hoodie Size Chart

Welcome to xSizes, your ultimate destination for a snug and stylish wardrobe. As we navigate the realms of comfort and fashion, our "Hoodie Size Chart" stands as your go-to resource for unlocking the perfect fit in sweatshirts. Whether you're shopping for women, men, or the little ones, our comprehensive chart is designed to simplify the sizing puzzle, ensuring that your hoodies wrap you in warmth and style just the way you like. Join us on a journey through sizes that cater to every member of the family, because at xSizes, comfort comes in all dimensions.

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How to measure hoodie?

Hey there, if you wanna measure a hoodie, it's pretty simple mate! First off, you gotta get your hands on a size chart, it makes everything so much simpler. To measure the length, start from top, right at the seam where the hood is attached, and go down to the end of the hoodie. For the waist, just wrap your tape measure around where your belly button sits. And finally for the chest, measure the broadest part, usually just under the arms. Just remember, different brands sometimes size a tad differently.

Women's hoodie sizes

Hey ladies, if you're on the hunt for the perfect fit for your new hoodie, our Women's Hoodies Size Guide is your best bud. It's as simple as looking at the size chart, finding your measurements, and hey presto - you've got your ideal hoodie size! No more second-guessing or taking wild shots in the dark. The guide takes all the headache out of the process, making your life so much easier. So next time you're hoodie-shopping, be sure to check out our size chart. Happy shopping, gals!

Size Bust Waist Hip
XS 32" - 33" 25" - 26" 35" - 36"
S 34" - 35" 27" - 28" 37" - 38"
M 36" - 37" 29" - 30" 39" - 40"
L 38" - 39" 31" - 32" 41" - 42"
XL 40" - 41" 33" - 34" 43" - 44"
XXL 42" - 43" 35" - 36" 45" - 46"

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Men's hoodies size chart

Hey, fellas! No worries if you're not sure about what size hoodie to grab. Just check out our Men's Hoodies Size Guide. It's super easy to follow and will help you find the perfect fit. The size chart includes measurements for small, medium, large, extra-large, and even XXL sizes. So, nip any sizing dramas in the bud and use our handy guide. You can chill in your new hoodie knowing it fits just right! Who knew getting the perfect hoodie size could be so simple? 

Size Chest Waist Hip
S 36" - 38" 29" - 31" 36" - 38"
M 39" - 41" 31" - 33" 38" - 40"
L 42" - 44" 33" - 35" 40" - 42"
XL 45" - 47" 36" - 38" 43" - 45"
XXL 48" - 50" 39" - 41" 46" - 48"
3XL 51" - 53" 42" - 44" 49" - 51"

Kid's hoodies sizes

Hey there, if you're looking to get the perfect hoodie for your little one, you're gonna need our Kid's Hoodies Size Guide. It's super straightforward to use and will help you find the right fit, as long as you know your kiddo's measurements. Just check the size chart, match it up and voila, you've got it sorted. No more guessing games or returns. The chart provides specific detailing for every age group. So, before you snag the next cool hoodie, do yourself a favor and check out our guide, it'll make your shopping a breeze. 

SizeHeightChestWaistHipsInseamSleeve length

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Types hoodies

You go, all sorts of cool types of hoodies to jazz up your wardrobe! Pull-over hoodies give off a nice laid-back vibe. Plus, they're easy to just throw on and go. Zip-up hoodies are super versatile. You can zip 'em up when it's chilly or wear them open for a casual look. If you're into street style then oversized hoodies got you covered. Now, speaking of cool, ever tried on a sleeveless hoodie? Yeah, that’s right, they exist and are perfect for workouts. Don’t be shy, grab one of each type, and strut in style!

Q&A Module

  • No sweat, figuring out your hoodie size is a piece of cake. Simply grab a measuring tape and measure your chest, waist, and length from your shoulder to your waist. Then, compare your measurements to the size chart of your chosen brand. Remember, different brands may have different sizing so always check each time you buy! 
  • Hoodie sizes can be tricky, right? If you fancy a snug fit, go with your regular size. But if you're all about that cozy, slightly baggy comfort, it wouldn't hurt to size up. And remember, you can always shrink an oversized hoodie, but you can't stretch a small one. 
  • An XL hoodie is pretty sizable, mate! It's designed for folks who are about 6 to 6.3 feet tall. The chest measurement is usually between 44 to 48 inches. So, if you love baggy clothes or just want some extra room to hide your snacks, an XL hoodie is your best bet! 
  • Generally, you'd want to go for a hoodie that's the same size as your shirt. But remember, some hoodies might be a bit roomier than your regular shirt for comfort. And if you love a baggy, relaxed fit, you might want to bump up a size, okay? 


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